Week 8 Distance Learning

Here are resources to enhance and elevate the WCSD distance learning packet

K2DL OutlineJane Dennis and Rebecca Davidson made this parent friendly outline for the Week 8 work. here
Gr 3-5DL OutlineKelsey Rivara and Tavia Williams, from Westergard Elementary, created a parent and student friendly outline for the Week 8 Distance Learning. here
Gr 3-5SEL StarterA fillable template for the Week 8 SEL Openerhere
K-2Reading LogFillable reading log match to the new Distance Learning packet, from Taylor Eagletonhere
Gr 3-5Reading LogHere is an updated version of the Reading Log to match the outcomes in the Week 8 packethere
Gr 3-5Personal DictionaryThis fillable template is loosely based on the Frayer Model.here
K-2WritingThank you Taylor Eagleton for allowing us to post your hard work. here
Gr 3-5MathShow What you Know Week 8 Gameboard. (Note that the gameboard has been changing slightly from week to week.)here
Gr 3MathThe Week 8 math in quiz form for immediate scoring and student feedback. Thanks Monica Washington!here
K-2ScienceThank you Taylor Eagleton for this fillable template. here
3-5ScienceA fillable template for the Week 8 science. Note that one of the questions is not applicable to 3rd grade. here
K-5Social StudiesHere is a digital version of the Week 8 Time Capsule Activity. This is a bit of a twist since the expectation is the final version will live in the cloud. here