Unit 7, 4th Grade

1LaunchLaunch your unit with the Pixar Cars, “Our Town” song. Video link from YouTubehere
1The Open RoadText-Dependent Questions for the week 1 read, “The Open Road.”here
1The Open RoadSentences vs. Fragmentshere
1Dust Bowl RefugeesBecause But and So sentence expansion activityhere
1Dust Bowl RefugeesText-Dependent Questionshere
1Dust Bowl RefugeesDust Bowl Refugee sung by Woody Guthrie, with pictorial supports. here
1Similes and MetaphorsSimiles and Metaphors song by the Bazillionshere
2Building the Transcontinental RailroadText-Dependent Questionshere
2Building the Transcontinental RailroadSentences vs. Fragmentshere
2Relative PronounsUse this with the week 2 Conventions of Language outcome version 1, version 2, and version 3
2Relative PronounsA description of relative pronouns, for students, from Kahn Academyhere
2Lesson 9Flash cards for the prefix lessonhere
3The Oregon TrailText-Dependent Questionshere
3The Oregon TrailSentences vs. Fragmentshere
3Oregon Trail DiaryBecause But and So sentence expansion activityhere