Click below to see some of our classroom work in action.

Aaron’s 4th grade DL students work with Quiet, a text from Unit 4. (here)

Aaron uses the Juicy Sentence strategy with his 4th grade Distance Learning students. (here)

Using the Summary Sentence activity, from the Writing Revolution, with a Benchmark Read-Aloud (here). Students worked together to identify key details and then students created a one sentence summary.

Aaron’s 3rd grade students, from the 2019-2020 school year, working with Unit 3, Week 3. Students move through 5 separate components in this lesson demonstration (here).

Marilyn explains some of the work she has done to bring 21st Century Learning outcomes into her classroom (here)

Aaron’s 3rd grade students, from the 2018-2019 school year, work with unit 2, the Snow White Fable (here)

Curious about the sentence expansion activity, Because But and So? Watch it in action with Aaron’s 5th grade students from 2017-2018. You can find an example of it in the Unit 2 tab.