Lesson Demonstrations

Click below to see some of our classroom work in action.

Instructional MoveDescriptionLink
Juicy SentenceDeveloped by Lily Wong Filmore, the move has deconstructing and then reconstructing an important sentence from text. The move aides with comprehension and a stronger understanding of syntax.5th
4th DL
Pro Se CourtPro Se means to speak on one’s behalf. A Pro Se Court serves as an excellent text-based discussion strategy because it asks students to support a claim on an issue, either pro or con, and present evidence to support the claim. A student judge will decide on who presents the best argument.Short
Because But and SoDeveloped by Judith Hochman, the sentence expansion activity assists with comprehension and writingLink
OUTDeveloped by the Stanford History Group, Opening Up the Textbook nurtures dispositions by vivifying, complicating, contesting, and expanding a traditional textbook experience. These are Aaron’s 4th graders completing the lesson on Hoover Damn. You can find the lesson here. Link
ELA DemoAaron’s 3rd graders work with Unit 2 from Benchmark Advance. School year 2018-2019.Link
Full ELA BlockRecorded in 2019, Aaron’s 3rd grade students work through Unit 3 from Benchmark Advance. Link
Summary SentenceAnother really smart move from Judith Hochman, Aaron’s 3rd grade students take a text and summarize, using only one sentence.Link
Concept TestCreated by Dr. Eric Mazure, students engage in retrieval practice as a way of reviewing previously taught material. This example comes from Aaron’s 4th grade DL students from school year 2020-2021.Link
Five Minute Plan5th grade students reflect on their use of Jessica Minahan’s Five Minute Plan. They explain what is in their plan and how having a plan helps them at the beginning of the school day. Find the template here. Link