Week 4 Distance Learning

Here are resources to enhance and elevate the WCSD distance learning packet

Gr. 3-5Daily Outline This is a look at the Week 4 packet broken down by daily goals and objectives. Helpful for parents and students to see what must be completed each day.here
Gr. k-1Daily OutlineThe Nancy Gomes kindergarten teachers created this daily outline for parents and students. here
Gr. 3-5. Learning LogShare this checklist with students so they know what to do on a daily basishere
K-5SEL StarterThe theme this week, Mindfulnesshere
Gr. 3-5Reading LogFillable reading log, matched to packet, that students can complete online (in Spanish)here
Gr. 3-5Personal DictionaryThese editable slides are based on the models used throughout Benchmark Advance. Sort of like a Frayer model. Frayer model Personal Dictionaries can be found in weeks 1, 2 and 3. here
Gr. 3-5WritingLynn Jaeck shared this fillable PowerPoint template to assist students with the Week 4 and 5 writinghere
Gr. 3-5WritingMonica Washington created this resource to help with the writing. It includes the OREO template as well as one from Benchmark, which might feel more familiar to students. here
Gr. 3-5ScienceStudents can use this editable PowerPoint slide deck to complete their Week 4 science assignment.here
Gr. 3-5ScienceHere is the week 4 science extension. It is also linked in the science PowerPoint, if you don’t want to share separately. here
Gr. 3-5MathShow What you Know Gameboardhere
Gr. 3-5MathFillable and editable PPT with the week 4 math reflection questionshere
Gr. 3-5Social StudiesA fillable PowerPoint template for the Week 4 Social Studies work on leadershiphere
2nd GradeWritingScaffolded and fillable PPT matched to the writing activityhere
K-2Sci and SSFillable PPT slides that address the science and social studies lessonshere
K-2Reading Fillable reading log for primary studentshere