Safe & Civil

The following resources were adapted from Randy Sprick and his work around Safe & Civil Schools

Messy Desk PostersHelp your students manage their materials and keep a clean desk with the “Desk Neatness” wall posters–5 styles. The hope is that with a clean and neat area, students are more likely to find materials quickly. The Messy Desk strategy was adapted from Randy Sprick’s book, “Teacher’s Encyclopedia of Behavior Management.”here
Desk: Self-EvaluationStudents can apply a checklist to determine if their desk is messy or neathere
Chance RewardsChance Rewards are a way of addressing whole class behavior. In this case, the teacher sets a timer. When the timer goes off, if all students are on task, a student rolls a die and earns the class a reward matched to the die
Cubby PosterHelp students gauge if their cubby is neat or messyhere