Week 7 Distance Learning

Here are resources to enhance and elevate the WCSD distance learning packet

Gr 3-5DL OutlineKelsey Rivara created a student and parent friendly outline of the Week 7 packet. It is editable. Thanks Kelsey!here
Gr. 3-5SEL StarterFillable PowerPoint for the Week 7 SEL Starterhere
K-2Reading LogFillable reading log match to the new Distance Learning packet, from Taylor Eagletonhere
Gr 3-5Reading LogHere is an updated version of the Reading Log to match the outcomes in the Week 7 packethere
Gr 3-5Personal DictionaryThis fillable template is loosely based on the Frayer Model. here
K-2WritingThanks Taylor Eagleton for this Week 7 support.here
3-5WritingRecreating artwork writing for Week 7. A fillable PowerPoint deck to help students with the outcome. here
Gr 3-5MathGameboard, updated for Week 7, matched to the Show What You Know expectation. here
K-2ScienceFillable template for the Week 7 Distance Learning science activity, from Taylor Eagletonhere
3-5ScienceFillable template for the Week 7 Distance Learning science activityhere
K-2Social StuidesTaylor Eagleon created this fillable template for the Week & social studies outcomes. here
3-5Social StudiesA fillable template for the Week 7 Social Studieshere
AllManagementDon’t forget, we have a number of management pieces posted in our management tab.here