CKLA Grade K

Listening and Learning materials from Core Knowledge, grade K.

1Nursery Rhymes and FablesAnthology aka Teacher’s Editionhere
1Nursery Rhymes and FablesFlipbookhere
1Nursery Rhymes and FablesImage Cardshere
1Nursery Rhymes and FablesSupplemental Guidehere
2The Five SensesAnthology aka Teacher’s Editionhere
2The Five SensesFlipbookhere
2The Five SensesImage Cardshere
2The Five SensesSupplemental Guidehere
3StoriesAnthology aka Teacher’s Editionhere
3StoriesImage Cardshere
3StoriesSupplemental Guidehere
4PlantsAnthology aka Teacher’s Editionhere
4PlantsImage Cardshere
4PlantsSupplemental Guidehere
5FarmsAnthology aka Teacher’s Editionhere
5FarmsImage Cardshere
5FarmsSupplemental Guidehere
6Native AmericansAnthology aka Teacher’s Editionhere
6Native AmericansFlipbookhere
6Native AmericansImage Cardshere
6Native AmericansSupplemental Guidehere
7Kings and QueensAnthology aka Teacher’s Editionhere
7Kings and QueensFlipbookhere
7Kings and QueensImage Cardshere
7Kings and QueensSupplemental Guidehere
8Seasons and WeatherAnthology aka Teacher’s Editionhere
8Seasons and WeatherFlipbookhere
8Seasons and WeatherImage Cardshere
8Seasons and WeatherSupplemental Guidehere
9Columbus and the PilgrimsAnthology aka Teacher’s Editionhere
9Columbus and the PilgrimsFlipbookhere
9Columbus and the PilgrimsImage Cardshere
9Columbus and the PilgrimsSupplemental Guidehere
10Colonial Towns and TownspeopleAnthology aka Teacher’s Editionhere
10Colonial Towns and TownspeopleFlipbookhere
10Colonial Towns and TownspeopleImage Cardshere
11Taking Care of the EarthAnthology aka Teacher’s Editionhere
11Taking Care of the EarthFlipbookhere
11Taking Care of the EarthImage Cardshere
12Presidents and American SymbolsAnthology aka Teacher’s Editionhere
12Presidents and American SymbolsFlipbookhere
12Presidents and American SymbolsImage Cardshere