My journey with bringing art into my classroom, in a standards-based way, began with It continued with the Visual Thinking Strategy and has been extended by doing work with the Nevada Museum of Art. Below, items you might find helpful to meet outcomes within the visual arts standards. –Aaron

Lesson DemonstrationAaron’s 5th Grade students using the Visual Thinking Strategy with the curricular resource, What’s Going on in this Picture. here
VTS ResourceIntriguing NYTimes images stripped of their captions that students use with the Visual Thinking Strategyhere
Art WorkbookUse the workbook to help students practice with different art standardsKinder
How to Draw StripsThese “How to Draw Strips,” created by Jennifer Hackenberg, can be put on rings to help students draw a number of different items. here
Op ArtDirections for how to make a flag, with the optical illusion it is wavingStudent
Op ArtI use this lesson on the first day of school to explain perspective, talk about a growth mindset, and give all students a chance to work in the arts. Moreover, students return to this technique throughout the school
Doodles AcademyFree instructional materials and lessons, matched to the visual arts standards. Registration
Sweet ShoesShoe design project that includes students creating a show based on a favorite candy. Thank you Andrea Wilkerson for sharing! You can use plastic tile, from the Dollar Store, to create the background. Role paint on top and then press to the surface you are using. Slide Presentation
Candy Wrappers
Dream BedroomStudents used one-point perspective to draw their dream bedroom. Thank you Annie Thomas-Eyster for sharing! here