CKLA Grade 3

Listening and Learning materials from Core Knowledge, Grade 3.

1Classic Tales The Wind in the WillowsAnthology aka Teacher’s Editionhere
1Classic Tales The Wind in the WillowsFlipbookhere
1Classic Tales The Wind in the WillowsImage Cardshere
2Classification of AnimalsAnthology aka Teacher’s Editionhere
2Classification of AnimalsFlipbookhere
2Classification of AnimalsImage Cardshere
3The Human Body System and SensesAnthology aka Teacher’s Editionhere
3The Human Body System and SensesFlipbookhere
3The Human Body System and SensesImage Cardshere
4The Ancient Roman CivilizationAnthology aka Teacher’s Editionhere
4The Ancient Roman CivilizationFlipbookhere
4The Ancient Roman CivilizationImage Cardshere
5Light and SoundAnthology aka Teacher’s Editionhere
5Light and SoundFlipbookhere
5Light and SoundImage Cardshere
6The Viking AgeAnthology aka Teacher’s Editionhere
6The Viking AgeFlipbookhere
6The Viking AgeImage Cardshere
7Astronomy: Our Solar System and BeyondAnthology aka Teacher’s Editionhere
7Astronomy: Our Solar System and BeyondFlipbookhere
7Astronomy: Our Solar System and BeyondImage Cardshere
8Native Americans Regions and Cultures Anthology aka Teacher’s Editionhere
8Native Americans Regions and Cultures Flipbookhere
8Native Americans Regions and Cultures Image Cardshere
9European Exploration of North AmericaAnthology aka Teacher’s Editionhere
9European Exploration of North AmericaFlipbookhere
9European Exploration of North AmericaImage Cardshere
10Colonial AmericaAnthology aka Teacher’s Editionhere
10Colonial AmericaFlipbookhere
10Colonial AmericaImage Cardshere
11EcologyAnthology aka Teacher’s Editionhere
11EcologyImage Cardshere