RAP-Families Around the World

The Read Aloud Project offers lessons for K–2 read aloud books that have been adapted to meet the expectations of college- and career-ready standards. Hundreds of teachers worked collaboratively to develop these materials. Each lesson was authored, edited, and reviewed by a team of expert educators.

KDear JunoNarrativeHere
KFor You Are A Kenyan ChildNarrativeHere
K Here is the African SavannaInformationalHere
KHow My Family Lives in AmericaInformationalHere
KMama Panya’s PancakesNarrativeHere
KToo Many TamalesNarrativeHere
KWangari’s Trees of Peace: A True Story from AfricaNarrativeHere
1One HenNarrativeHere
1Tikki Tikki TemboNarrativeHere
2Cows for AmericaInformationalHere
2The Keeping QuiltNarrativeHere