CKLA Grade 1

Listening and Learning materials from Core Knowledge, Grade 1.

1Fables & StoriesAnthology aka Teacher’s Editionhere
1Fables & StoriesFlipbook here
1Fables & StoriesImage Cardshere
1Fables & StoriesSupplemental Guidehere
2Human BodyAnthology aka Teacher’s Editionhere
2Human BodyFlipbookhere
2Human BodyImage Cardshere
2Human BodySupplemental Guidehere
3Different Lands, Similar StoriesAnthology aka Teacher’s Editionhere
3Different Lands, Similar StoriesFlipbookhere
3Different Lands, Similar StoriesImage Cardshere
3Different Lands, Similar StoriesSupplemental Guidehere
4Early World CivilizationsAnthology aka Teacher’s Editionhere
4Early World CivilizationsFlipbookhere
4Early World CivilizationsImage Cardshere
4Early World CivilizationsSupplemental Guidehere
5Early American CivilizationsAnthology aka Teacher’s Editionhere
5Early American CivilizationsFlipbookhere
5Early American CivilizationsImage Cardshere
5Early American CivilizationsSupplemental Guidehere
6AstronomyAnthology aka Teacher’s Editionhere
6AstronomyImage Cardshere
6AstronomySupplemental Guidehere
7History of EarthAnthology aka Teacher’s Editionhere
7History of EarthFlipbookhere
7History of EarthImage Cardshere
8Animals & HabitatsAnthology aka Teacher’s Editionhere
8Animals & HabitatsFlipbookhere
8Animals & HabitatsImage Cardshere
9Fairy TalesAnthology aka Teacher’s Editionhere
9Fairy TalesFlipbookhere
9Fairy TalesImage Cardshere
10A New Nation: American IndependenceAnthology aka Teacher’s Editionhere
10A New Nation: American IndependenceFlipbookhere
10A New Nation: American IndependenceImage Cardshere
11Frontier ExplorersAnthology aka Teacher’s Editionhere
11Frontier ExplorersFlipbookhere
11Frontier ExplorersImage Cardshere