CKLA Grade 2

Listening and Learning materials from Core Knowledge, Grade 2.

1Fairy Tales and Tall TalesAnthology aka Teacher’s Editionhere
1Fairy Tales and Tall TalesFlipbookhere
1Fairy Tales and Tall TalesImage Cardshere
1Fairy Tales and Tall TalesSupplemental Guidehere
2Early Asian CivilizationsAnthology aka Teacher’s Editionhere
2Early Asian CivilizationsFlipbookhere
2Early Asian CivilizationsImage Cardshere
2Early Asian CivilizationsSupplemental Guidehere
3Ancient Greek CivilizationAnthology aka Teacher’s Editionhere
3Ancient Greek CivilizationFlipbookhere
3Ancient Greek CivilizationImage Cardshere
3Ancient Greek CivilizationSupplemental Guidehere
4Greek MythsAnthology aka Teacher’s Editionhere
4Greek MythsFlipbookhere
4Greek MythsImage Cardshere
4Greek MythsSupplemental Guidehere
5The War of 1812Anthology aka Teacher’s Editionhere
5The War of 1812Flipbookhere
5The War of 1812Image Cardshere
5The War of 1812Supplemental Guidehere
6Cycles in NatureAnthology aka Teacher’s Editionhere
6Cycles in NatureFlipbookhere
6Cycles in NatureImage Cardshere
6Cycles in NatureSupplemental Guidehere
7Westward ExpansionAnthology aka Teacher’s Editionhere
7Westward ExpansionFlipbookhere
7Westward ExpansionImage Cardshere
7Westward ExpansionSupplemental Guidehere
8InsectsAnthology aka Teacher’s Editionhere
8InsectsImage Cardshere
8InsectsSupplemental Guidehere
9The US Civil WarAnthology aka Teacher’s Editionhere
9The US Civil WarFlipbookhere
9The US Civil WarImage Cardshere
9The US Civil WarSupplemental Guidehere
10The Human Body Building Blocks and NutritionAnthology aka Teacher’s Editionhere
10The Human Body Building Blocks and NutritionFlipbookhere
10The Human Body Building Blocks and NutritionImage Cardshere
10The Human Body Building Blocks and NutritionSupplemental Guidehere
11ImmigrationAnthology aka Teacher’s Editionhere
11ImmigrationImage Cardshere
12Fighting for a CauseAnthology aka Teacher’s Editionhere
12Fighting for a CauseFlipbookhere
12Fighting for a CauseImage Cardshere