Unit 2, 3rd Grade

1Two Fables from AesopIdentify Subjects and Predicates, with examples from the text. here
1Two Fables from AesopText-Dependent Questionshere
1 to 3AllWriting planning tool for students for the Fables. Created by classroom teacher Sherry Mageehere
1 to 3AllCharacter Analysis Template; Created by classroom teacher Jessica Schmidthere
1 to 3AllGLAD Process Gridhere
2Week 1 ReviewTurn and Talk Promptshere
2King MidasText-Dependent Questionshere
2King MidasBecause, But and So Sentence Expansion Activity (You can watch 5th graders use the strategy here.)here
2Theseus and the MinotaurScrambled Sentence Activity, with teacher directions. The strategy borrows from the Writing Revolution. here
2Theseus and the MinotaurScrambled Sentence Cards to support struggling readershere
3Snow WhiteLesson Demonstration: Mr. Grossman’s students working with the Snow White text and annotating for evidence. here
3Week 2 ReviewTurn and Talkhere
3Snow WhiteText-Dependent Questionshere
3Snow WhiteBecause, But and So sentence expansion activityhere
1 to 3Peter PanText Based Questions, for Peter Pan, on Avery 5160 Labelshere

From Scholastic, pdf versions of classic fairytales that are appropriate for elementary students. Moreover, they can be printed for fluency practice and to build background knowledge.

Story of Rapunzel http://images.scholastic.co.uk/assets/a/93/6d/story-of-rapunzel-111110.pdf
Hansel and Gretel https://images.scholastic.co.uk/assets/a/66/df/ce-hansel-and-gretel-story-124711.pdf
Three Billy Goats Gruff https://images.scholastic.co.uk/assets/a/c4/c1/ce-three-goats-story-pcp-118114.pdf
Little Red Riding Hood https://images.scholastic.co.uk/assets/a/d3/24/ce-little-red-story-pcp-115014.pdf