The Writing Revolution

The Writing Revolution is a terrific resource to help students with writing. It can be used in any content area and with any text. Worksheets, based on TWR, are scattered throughout the site with most Benchmark Advance units having supplements for Because, But and So.

Because But and SoUse this anchor chart to support the instructional move, Because But and So from the Writing Revolutionhere
Because But and SoWatch Aaron’s 5th graders complete a Because But and So activity, with materials from Core Knowledge. here
Sentence SummaryGraphic organizer to help students write their own sentence summarieshere
Sentence SummaryWatch Aaron’s 3rd graders write a sentence
Sentence Summary Reading LogAfter becoming proficient in Sentence Summaries, students apply their learning to a reading log each night. The organizer is built into the log. here
Single ParagraphGraphic organizer to help students write a single paragraphhere