InstructionVirtual math manipulatives and supports for Distance Learning instructionhere
PracticeFall City Elementary School is uploaded practice pages for each Envision Math lesson here
AssessmentJanda Lannigan created this assessment to gauge student understanding in math. The assessment includes the student versioninterpretation guide, and scoring sheet. Thanks Janda!
ResourcesA set of curated math resources which include rich math taskshere
WODBIf you are familiar with this strategy, you know it’s a great way of having kids make a mathematical defense. This website does an excellent job curating content. We found these images to get kids in the habit and to learn the routine. here
Remote Learning VideosThis spreadsheet lists videos by grade and strand around the standards. These are all edpuzzle videos which adds a level of accountability to the student learning. here
TimeTelling Time Template. You call out a time, and students manipulate the hands. here