The activities below are about building community and classroom culture. They fit with PBIS and the 3 Signature Practices, including welcoming, inclusion, and routines.

Trading PlacesAsk the students to stand behind their pushed-in chairs. Call out a trait on a card. Everyone who has that trait must change places with someone else (students who do not have the trait stay where they are).here
Dice Inclusion ActivityStudents roll a die and respond to a prompt. DIA1
Would you Rather80 “Would You Rather” questions to help build classroom culture.
4 CornersUse the statement prompts as a way of getting to know your students and/or introducing and reinforcing the 4 Corners Strategy.here
4 Corners PostersMount these posters to help with the activity, 4 Corners. Colors include: Capri PinkIbiza Blue, Laurel LeafVery Peri (Purplish)Ibiza Blue 11×8.5
Walk, Talk, Swap40 Question to help students learn more about each other, build relationships, and elevate community outcomes.here
If I Could…Build and strengthen relationships with “If I Could…” statement starters.here
60 Second Relate BreaksA 60 Second Relate Break is similar to a typical “brain break” that takes place in the classroom. The teacher presents a question to the class. Sets a timer for 60 seconds and guide students to start sharing in a “turn and talk” manner to those around them.here