The activities below are about building community and classroom culture. They fit with PBIS and the 3 Signature Practices, including welcoming, inclusion, and routines.

Pro Se CourtPro Se means to speak on one’s behalf and serves as an excellent text-based discussion strategy. A Pro Se court asks students to support a claim on an issue, either pro or con, and present evidence to support the claim. A student judge will decide on who presents the best argument. Watch my students complete a Pro Se Court: short version and extended version. here
Trading PlacesAsk the students to stand behind their pushed-in chairs. Call out a trait on a card. Everyone who has that trait must change places with someone else (students who do not have the trait stay where they are).here
Dice Inclusion ActivityStudents roll a die and respond to a prompt. DIA1
Would you Rather80 “Would You Rather” questions to help build classroom culture.
Morning Meeting56 Morning Meeting Conversation Startershere
4 CornersUse the statement prompts as a way of getting to know your students and/or introducing and reinforcing the 4 Corners Strategy.here
4 Corners PostersMount these posters to help with the activity, 4 Corners. Colors include: Capri PinkIbiza Blue, Laurel LeafVery Peri (Purplish)Ibiza Blue 11×8.5
Walk, Talk, Swap40 Question to help students learn more about each other, build relationships, and elevate community outcomes.here
If I Could…Build and strengthen relationships with “If I Could…” statement starters.here
60 Second Relate BreaksA 60 Second Relate Break is similar to a typical “brain break” that takes place in the classroom. The teacher presents a question to the class. Sets a timer for 60 seconds and guide students to start sharing in a “turn and talk” manner to those around them.here
1000 Days of School PacketDuring their 5th grade year, students will experience their 1000th day of school. Download the packet to acknowledge this and celebrate the milestone. here