Below are assessments a teacher could give in order to build a portfolio of student learning. Most of the assessments include items posted by other districts. In a couple of a cases, they are items built in Washoe.

On Demand WritingBased on items developed by the CCSSO and Student Achievement Partners, this assessment can be given to baseline student writing. It can be given an additional time to track growth over time. The full resource, titled “In Common,” can be found here
This specific assessment was developed to reinforce the importance of speaking, reading and writing with evidence.
Aimsweb ProbesPlymonth K-8 Responsive Interventions has posted DRA, and Aimsweb probes for grades k-8. The Aimsweb items include the fluency probes and MAZE activities. here
PhonicsCurious where your kids are with Phonics. Use the CORE Phonics Inventory to find out. here
LanguageA quick formative assessment to see what outcomes students have secured. Also a good tool to show growth over time. here
Math InventoryJanda Lannigan created this assessment to gauge student understanding in math. The assessment includes the student versioninterpretation guide, and scoring sheet. Thanks Janda!
Phonemic AwarenessFree Phonemic Awareness assessments from Heggertyhere
Mini-AssessmentsAssessments designed to illustrate the ELA/literacy Shifts and expectations of college- and career-ready
Concept Tests CardsThese cards were developed to support Eric Mazur’s Concept Test strategy. Three color schemes to choose from.