Readers Theater

I listened to a podcast with Dr. Chase Young, in which he described is protocol for Readers Theater. I modified his protocol slightly, he works with primary students and I work with intermediate children.

I set out the scripts on Monday and students choose one. They read it all the way through and then on Tuesday, they meet with other students with the same script. This is when they choose a part. Through the remainder of the week, they practice with the script and then present on Friday. The key to this is having short scripts, so the entire fluency activity takes about 10 minutes each day.

The challenge, of course, is finding short scripts. I have plenty of really long ones, but practicing these enough to the point where all students can present is difficult. Moreover, I want to make sure they are practicing with content that is a good fit for outcomes they will repeatedly see throughout their academic careers.

This was the motivation to make and post the following scripts.

ContentTitleNumber of Partslink
Early ExplorersThe Adventures of Marco Polo6here
Early ExplorersPrince Henry’s Voyage Around Africa6here
Early ExplorersNavigating the World with Latitude and Longitude5here
Early ExplorersCortes Lands in Mexico6here
Early ExplorersBartholomew Diaz the Brave Explorer5here
Early ExplorersThe Discovery of Brazil by Pedro Alvares Cabral4here
Classifying Living ThingsClassifying Living Animals3here
Classifying Living ThingsHow Plants Get What They Need5here
Classifying Living ThingsNative Nevada Plants6here
Classifying Living ThingsThe Incredible Journey of a Seed6here
Classifying Living ThingsThe Magic of Photosynthesis6here
Classifying Living ThingsThe Six Kingdoms5here
Classifying Living ThingsThe Wonders of the Plant Kingdom6here
American RevolutionThe Shot Heard Round the World5here
American RevolutionThe Boston Tea Party7here
American RevolutionThe Stamp Act5here
American RevolutionShays’ Rebellion5here
American RevolutionThe Declaration of Independence5here
American RevolutionThe Battle of Lexington5here
Famous InventorsCyrus Field and the Transatlantic Telegraph4here
Famous InventorsEli Whitney & the Cotton Gin5here
Famous InventorsGarrett Morgan- The Inventor of the Three-Light Traffic Signal5here
Famous InventorsMaria Beasley and the Life Raft5here
Famous InventorsMarie Van Brittan Brown- Inventor of the Home Security System6here
Famous InventorsThe Story of Alexander Graham Bell5here
ShakespeareA Day in Athens, 1200 BC5here
ShakespeareHow to Read a Shakespeare Play5here
ShakespeareLife in London in 15647here
ShakespeareShakespeare’s Globe Theater5here
ShakespeareThe Fairy Circle4here
ShakespeareThe Lord Chamberlain’s Men, Shakespeare’s Company5here