RAP-Weather & Seasons

The Read Aloud Project offers lessons for K–2 read aloud books that have been adapted to meet the expectations of college- and career-ready standards. Hundreds of teachers worked collaboratively to develop these materials. Each lesson was authored, edited, and reviewed by a team of expert educators.

KAre Trees AliveInformationalHere
KShow is FallingInformationalHere
KThe Snowy DayNarrativeHere
KThe Year at Maple Hill FarmInformationalHere
KThunder BoomerNarrativeHere
KThunder CakeNarrativeHere
KWhen the Root Children Wake UpNarrativeHere
KZinnia’s Flower GardenNarrativeHere
1Cloudy With a Chance of MeatballsNarrativeHere
1The Big SnowNarrativeHere
1Ways People LiveInformationalHere
1Wild WeatherInformationalHere
2A Drop Around the WorldInformationalHere
2Cloudy With a Chance of MeatballsNarrativeHere
2Come on RainInformationalHere
2Snowboard TwistNarrativeHere
2Snowflake BentleyInformationalHere
2The Cloud BookInformationalHere
2The Secret Life of a SnowflakeInformationalHere
2The Storm BookNarrativeHere
2The StrangerNarrativeHere
2Weather Words And What They MeanInformationalHere