This page of the website is dedicated to support strategies from Jessica Minahan.

I attended a webinar from Minahan and was impressed that her work matches the daily challenges teachers confront with the theory and practice promoted by Board Certified Behavior Analysts (BCBAs). Moreover, Minahan’s strategies deal directly with rising student anxiety, something that many of us have observed, and confirmed by the likes of Jonathan Haidt.

Parts of Writing Inventory:When a student claims they don’t like writing or won’t write, it is difficult to know what the underlying challenge might be. With the inventory, a teacher can diagnose what is causing the issue and from there, create a tailored plan or action steps to mitigate the difficult.Primary
5 Minute PlanHelp students with transitions by having them create Start of Day
End of Day
5 Minute Plan Video5th Grade students reflect on their use of the Five Minute Planhere
PMR or “Tense and Relax”The Progressive Muscle Relaxation (PMR) method is a way of of helping students release stress and extra energy. Given the high levels of anxiety students are coming to our classrooms with–Jessica Minahan estimates over a ⅓ of our students are dealing with anxiety challenges–equipping them with strategies to deal with the anxiety is